Data Networks - Who Needs them?

Click the picture to read more on our Home Network Services

Click the picture to read more on our Home Network Services

Once upon a time they were the sign of the elite or very big business. If you worked in a big office there would be areas of the building that would have a data network, but everyone mostly used paper and pen. The home of the highest paid or maybe the odd Bond Villain, would be the only place that you would find any sort of magical Home-Automation, with its remote control blinds, music systems, rotating sofas etc.

Today, however, life has moved on. The music system is now Sonos, (amongst others), the lighting is now via Wi-Fi controlled bulbs and your security, whether it’s a video doorbell or a CCTV system, is all connected to the network and available for you to monitor via your mobile phone. Work has changed too... More people than ever want to be able to work from home, with many looking for fast broadband in a newly purchased home above a big garden*. It stands to reason that if you want to have a good broadband signal for working you also want to take advantage of this for home too. 28% of people in Britain think that a home with smart technology in it is more appealing when buying** and 41% of us already have something, even if it’s just the smart TV**. Interestingly 66% of those asked, said that they’d prefer a professional to install it for them, rather than try to do it themselves**.

Basically, we all need Data networks. From to helping us work remotely, or keep our homes efficient and secure. There are more ways than ever to use your home network to help you live an easier life; from the Wi-Fi baby monitor, to the Wi-Fi extender carrying your tablet’s internet connection into the garden/loft and USB charging points within wall-sockets. It’s even going to be a growing area if interest for the over 55’s, as in the future, more networked items would help them stay in their homes in old age, with remote monitoring by family and care staff.


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