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We can consult on different levels of business

Domestic to Commercial,
Advisory to Project Management,
There's no job we can't improve!



On this scale, we can advise from new-build houses; helping with the planning and design of your cable foundations, to upgrading existing homes to bring them to the next level.

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Here, we can help to manage and contribute to projects on any scale. From newly built estates of homes, flats or offices. Making sure that all the work is completed in an effecient and timely manner.

Call us in at the drawings stage, when designing, building or renovating; we work with you to get the right solution. Working alongside architects, designers, electricians, tradesmen, etc. in order to create a bespoke solution that meets the requirements of everyone - without the hassle of worrying about incompatibility, practicality or whether it will work!

- Efficiency and Reliability

We believe in giving you a good service, and our work ethic and values are second-to-none. We aim to be the people you can count on - time and time again.

- Trust and Reputation

Don't just take our word for it - Take a tour through our portfolio to see just a small sample on the scale of jobs we do. Further to this, we have testimonials and recommendations for the work we've done.

- 1st Class Service

Our team of knowledgeable engineers have over 10+ years of experience in our field, so we know what we're talking about and can answer any question you throw at us!

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Data & Wi-Fi

We listen to what your requirements are and where your tech needs to be in your home. We then design a bespoke system based around your current setup, whilst allowing for future implementation and expansion.



We can also do this for Multi-Room TV, Terrestrial/Satellite/Cable and for HDMI/4K TV Distribution. This will enable you to have the TV setup as you want it, distributed all around the house (HDMI TV including Smart TV data requirements up to 4K TV streaming, e.g. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube, etc.).



We can build IRS/SMATV systems and infrastructure; giving you every form of television you might want, from anywhere in the building - the opportunities really are endless.

Working with your architect to incorporate these elements into your project, we can give you a complete and professional installation. This plays a key role in ensuring the job is done right, first time, while meeting every requirement you may throw at us.

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