Data Networks as part of a building refurbishment.

With the increase in Home Data Networks and the benefits of what they can bring to your home, where do you even start? Well if you’re planning some major works or just a gentle refurbishment, there’s a few things you should consider.

Click here to view our Services on Home Data Networks

Click here to view our Services on Home Data Networks

When starting your refurbishment, the time to plan your network is right at the beginning. Get your builder and or architect involved so that all bases are covered and you are not hit with any nasty surprises or miss out on opportunities to improve and simplify your setup.

  • For Smart TV’s - ensure they have the internet via cabled connections not Wi-Fi, so you won’t get buffering during films etc.

  • Accommodate for any charging points; USB, Plug Sockets, PoE, etc.

  • Plan where the router/hub will be. Ideally it should be in a place that’s not too hot (to avoid overheating), easily accessible, but out-of-reach to children.

  • Make sure that you know which of your tech will need a cabled connection and which will need Wi-Fi.

In terms of the Wi-Fi, think about the spread of the Wi-Fi round the building and if there are any ‘blind spots’ where you might need extra help to broadcast the signal. Wireless Access Points (WAPs) are what you would install to extend/boost the signal. Things to consider are:

  • Concrete walls, Plumbing and anything else that might slow or stop the signal.

  • How many floors are you trying to cover? (We can help to build your network around your building, as well as your needs).

  • When it comes to the installation you need to have your builder and/or electrician on-board.

  • The cabling for your network should be installed at the same time as the electrics and the TV cables, (during First Fix).

If you plan your network as much as your plumbing you’ll have years of trouble-free connections all around the building, accommodating all the right needs for your tech.