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We at TV-SAS believe in making the most of your home. With the moving pace of technology and concern for the environmental, today is the best time to make your home as technological and money saving as possible.

The systems we can install, (like Data Networks and Wi-Fi extenders), can help you install energy saving equipment, connect up all your devices and get the best out of your home. Adding Data to your home and Smart Home Features to can increase its value by around 38% (according to the Finite Solutions Blog 2017), and getting the maximum from your broadband supply, makes the expense well worth it. Our systems mean that once installed you can change your Broadband provider to get the best deal whenever you want, without having to alter the network name and password, for every piece of tech in the building.

Once the data network is installed, you swap out the Router and that’s it. Because your network, is Your Network!

The data network is best utilised to run Smart TV’s, Games Consoles and Data Matrixes etc. The Wi-Fi element is usually connected to anything that’s easily moveable, or mobile, E.g. Tablets, mobile Phones, etc. There are some exceptions to this, like heating, cooking, security and lighting, where you have Wi-Fi capability so that you can control the items remotely from your phone.

The best time to install Data Networks is during building or renovation works. Then the cabling can be put into the walls and decorated over. (You can ‘Retro-fit’, but this usually involves running the cables externally and is usually more expensive, not just because of the extra cost of external grade cable).


The installation of a Wi-Fi network can be done at any time. With careful consideration of the wiring or use of ‘Mesh’ technology. We pride ourselves in providing clean, tidy and discrete installations, so that the system has minimum impact on the eyes. Our systems are not run using the ring-mains, and are therefore more robust, efficient and scalable. Our Wi-Fi extenders/Access Points are available as internal and external units, so you can even have one in the garden, to expand your Wi-Fi coverage.

Because our systems are Bespoke, they are unique to your needs. You can have the harmony of every piece of tech in the house talking to each other and everyone able to use the internet at the same time! (Most Provider Routers can only cope with up to around 6 items connected at once, so anyone else has to wait until someone has finished, before they can use the Wi-Fi). You can even have the capability of remote access within the building of TV equipment or Games consoles so that the kids don’t have to be in the same room to play each other.

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